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check auction spellings

AUCTIONSPELLER was one of the first sites to offer a free web based misspelling search. We aim to continue providing the very best search results possible with our advanced search.

Our new advanced search allows you to search using multiple keywords - for example "Digital Camera". You can also now narrow down the search by choosing to view auctions that close within a certain time period. You may also want to search specifically for "Buy It Now" lots or sellers that accept Paypal.

We have increased the number of misspelt variables to enable us to find even more typos and common misspellings. Of course you don't just have to search for misspellings - you can also use the search normally by unchecking the "Misspelled" box.

eBay misspellings can provide real bargains for the determined searcher. This Free service will check for the most common misspellings and typos and bring you back the results instantly.

1000's of potential bargains displayed daily - No software to download & install!! Find great deals today with THE Auction Speller!

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Simply enter a search term(s) and press Find Now - the results will appear in a new window. Works with the following sites: eBay UK, eBay US, eBay Canada, eBay Australia. To bid on any lot you will have to be registered at eBay - if you haven't opened an account yet then please click here to register. To improve your chances of winning any eBay Auction why not try out our Free Auction Sniper - Auction Lotsnipe.

AuctionSpeller Advanced works with the following eBay International Sites - Free Registration required to bid:

UK | USA | Australia | Canada | France | Germany | Italy | India | Netherlands | Spain | Switzerland | Belgium | Ireland

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See what the experts are saying about eBay misspellings:

"Look for misspellings! Many famous designers have hard-to-spell names. By searching eBay for a misspelling, you may get a great deal!" Dummies.com

"The New York Times reported this week that there are many items listed on the auction site that sell for much less than they are really worth because the sellers don't check their listing's spelling before they post." NY Times

"Did you know that on eBay you can probably pick up a labtop pretty cheap? How about getting some dimonds for a great price? These and many other items can be yours if you have a list of commonly misspelled.." Geek.com

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